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Problem with simpla-theme and Firefox 3 (final)
  • Hello! I am using the simpla theme on this website: http://blog.oliswelt.de I am experiencing the following problem when using the Firefox 3 final version: When typed in the address line and opened for the first time the menu on the right side appears/starts where the last article ends (bottom of this article) and not at the top as it is supposed to do. If I then just press the reload button of Firexfox the menu appears on the top of the page where it should be. Can I fix this problem in the theme or shall I inform the Mozilla team about this probolem? Theme works fine in IE7. Thanks! Bye indyone_de
  • Some additional information: the incorrectly placed menu can be reproduced on my system with FF3 in the following way: type http://blog.oliswelt.de in the address line of FF3 and press ENTER --- menu is in the wrong place type http://blog.oliswelt.de/ in the address line of FF3 and press ENTER --- menu is in the right place This last slash in the address makes the difference. Don't know what's the reason for this? As soon as I leave the slash away the problem occurs. :-(
  • I've just tested and the menu is in the wrong place whether you type it with or without the leading slash, the reason for which it's in place the second time is because pressing enter actually refreshes the page. I think it might be worth asking mozilla, btw have you tried first removing the calendar widget which is known to be source of problems in the floating columns? if that's the problem, tune your css maybe to use a smaller font-size e.g. #widget-calendar table { font-size: 80% } (and still report to mozilla) bye
  • Thanks! I reported it to Mozilla. Unfortunately turning off the calendar element doesn't solve the problem. Bye indyone_de
  • It's not a problem of the calendar, hope it helps.
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