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My port to html5 with a custom theme
  • I've been working on getting Flatpress to output valid html5 and I am almost done.  I just have a few bugs to work out and I'll upload the port to my website if anyone is interested (and here if the devs would like).  I'm not sure of all of the things I've changed because I'm rather disorganized that way but before I submit the work, I'll go back through and diff the changes and comment the sources.

    For those that are interested, all it really takes is grepping out invalid html5 tags and replacing them.  Most of what gets replaced are the '/>' endings on non-closing elements as they are not required for html5.

    So far I haven't run into any issues on output but those wanting to try it will have to be careful of the template separation and closing tags.  You can have a look at the port working and the theme I made for my wife at cathysreadingblog.liquibyte.com in addition to a Goodreads rss feed plugin I wrote for her.

    Some screenshots:

    Front page with the widget flyout hidden

    Front page with widget flyout showing

    Logged in and showing both flyouts hidden

    Logged in showing the admin widgets flyout showing

  • That's a very impressive theme. Do you plan to share it?
  • I do plan on putting it up once I work out several color scheme choices for it.  The pictures will be different than the ones I used for this theme because I've made this one for my wife and she wants hers to be unique.

    The theme will probably work with the default XHTML Flatpress code but may not entirely validate, I'm not sure.  You can grab the HTML5 port from here but the theme isn't included yet.  It's fairly complete though I can't entirely guarantee zero bugs.  I've also gone back in time to the first release of Flatpress and am working out a more hands off installation process and integration of a javascript editor for those that don't know how to code and would like to keep it that way, but that's a different story.

    I've been busy with a big electronics project at the moment and once I'm done with that I'll probably get the theme updated and put it up on github as well.
  • Nice, I hope it gets included in flatpress
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