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Updated sitemap.php Should it come with Flatpress?
  • I've been using this sitemap for a while now, it came from Igor Kromin's blog

    Since I enabled PrettyURL's pretty mode, I noticed it no longer generated the URLs properly. I made the required changes and included it in my personal Github repository for plugins. it currently works with PrettyURL, no whatever the mode. 

    I replaced
    $loc = BLOG_BASEURL . “index.php?x=entry:” . $id;
    $loc = get_permalink($id);
    right at the end of the PHP code.

    I posted it on my blog. 

    I plan to modify it if possible, to include the static pages as well in the near future. 

    My question is: Should such a sitemap be included in Flatpress as a default feature? What do you think, NoWhereMan?
  • Here's how to add statics: http://www.igorkromin.net/index.php/2014/06/04/add-flatpress-static-page-links-to-the-sitemapphp-site-map-generator/

  • Igor, thanks a bunch for posting that bit of code! :)
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