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Markdown as default?
  • FlatPress was born as a successor for SimplePHPBlog. As such, it was meant as a drop-in replacement for this old blogging platform. Thus, it inherited many of its "features", such as the file format and the file system layout. And its particular flavor of BBCode.

    If I had to write FlatPress today, and from scratch, maybe it would be different. Maybe it would be something like Jekyll.

    By the way, anyone interested in volunteering to port FlatPress to Markdown? and with porting, I would expect a converter script that would translate bbcode into markdown, since introducing markdown into FlatPress is actually almost trivial ;)

    Have fun!

  • Hi,
    actually I'm not very interested in, however if this change is made, I have to fix some plugins, like BBToolbar, which wouldn't have sense to exist.

    I think that this would be a huge change, and it would mean incompatibility with other plugins...
    It could be an occasion to introduce a dependency-based plugin system, but this is another story...

    Actually the Markdown plugin is quite old, its link doesn't work to me so I can't download it and check it... However Parsedown seems a great replacement.

    Markitup is very interesting, maybe some FP specific options could be added.

  • Cool, Parsedown looks nice.
  • I had a chance to take a look at what Markdown is. I think it would be a nice improvement compared to bbcode. It's way more user friendly and intuitive. 
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