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Comment IP Blacklist
  • I added the Comment IP Blacklist Plugin and tried to block my own IP:

    I replaced '', '' with 'myIP' and logged out ftom Flatpress. I still can post comments, this shouldtn be possible with this plugin?
    Also I cleared the cache.

  • I blocked a spam comment and a few days later the comment was made again with the blocked IP...
  • That's a 6 years old plugin. Anyone here knows if this is still supposed to work on the current version of Flatpress?
  • It should.
    Flatpress APIs didn't change very much.
  • There are some that get through the filters. I had one just today. I would delete one SPAM and the bot would create another one. This is an easy fix if you are on a Linux host. 

    Get the IP of the spammer form his comment. 
    iptables -A INPUT -s xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -j DROP

    He will have to change his IP to spam you again. I leave these blacklisted. 
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