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Grey Matter: A modern responsive theme in tones of dark grey.
  • This is a theme I made this summer, but never actually announced or released it. It is 100% responsive and it feels modern and actual. 

    It's basically a FlatPress version of an available Jekyll theme. 

    You can download it on GitHub using the following link. Install instructions are included. If you are interested to work on GreyMatter, just let me know, I'll make you contributor to the official repository: 


    As ever, you can reach me here on the forum, or on my blog: http://www.marcthibeault.com

    Hope you like it! 

  • Wow..... just wow! This looks stunning! 100% responsive you say? You have yourself a deal! :D
  • It isn't 100% responsive. Still got a bit of work to do. Glad you like it!
  • Grey Matter is now 100% responsive! 

  • Hi Marc, finally I will update my Blog with your theme :)

    I have some questions, maybe you could steer me in the right direction:

    1. I would like to change the red banner color (categorys)
    2. I would like to seperate each entry from another visualy on the mainpage.

    I faked a Screenshot to visualize: http://fs2.directupload.net/images/150129/ivb4bypk.jpg
  • Hi LTB, I'm happy to know you're going to use a theme I made! :)

    I just updated GreyMatter for proper Internet Explorer support. Make sure you download the latest version on GitHub.  And as I was going to send you the code for the entry separators you're asking about, I figured out it looked way better like that. So I made it the default look, thanks to your suggestion. :) Good call. (Updated the screenshot up there)

    So, now you only have to fix the colors. Here it goes.

    In greymatter/greymatter/res/common.css: On line 100 and line 108 are the color properties for the hyperlinks. Change the hex codes accordingly, that should do the trick. For the category banners, you'll have to change the colors at lines 347 to 352. There are gradients in the later lines, let me know if you are comfortable with fooling around with these. You might have to change the color at line 357 too, as it's the category's mouse hover color. 
  • nice theme m8 :)
  • Hi Marc, 

    very nice theme but with a bug on the iPhone 6 but only in landscape mode. take a look at www2.cy-man.de - the menu is partially displayed on the right side but should at the bottom as the rest of the menu. would be great if you can fix this.

    Is the skin under cc or so so i can adjust it to fit my needs?

  • Yeah, feel free to adjust it as you see fit. 

    I was to ask for a screenshot, but I was able to reproduce the bug just by re-sizing the window. 

    I'm going to look into it probably on Thursday night and hopefully release a patch on that night, possibly. 
  • I just updated the code, you can pick it up and test it if you can. I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on my end, but there sure was something weird in my responsive container that would explain why your menu would be messed up like that. 

    I tested it with different menu item lengths and it seemed okay at all times. 

    Depending what kind of modifications you made to the theme, you can grab only the admin.css and common.css files in the res folder. 

    Let me know if it's working as expected. Thanks! :)
  • thank you very much marc, works like a charm on my iphone 6 in landscape mode. just did a diff and applied your changes to my own css. looking forward to the design-relaunch of my blog, thanks to you great theme and support!
  • You're welcome! :)
  • I updated Grey Matter to 1.1 a few days ago. 

    What's new in 1.1
    • Responsive top menu
    • Responsive footer
    • Improved several colors in admin panel
    • Integrated share buttons in entry-footer

    Hope you like it! 
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