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Error on my website
  • Until 7 hours ago, my website (www.warsintheworld.com) worked well, now there is an error.
    Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in /web/htdocs/www.warsintheworld.com/home/fp-plugins/entrylist/plugin.entrylist.php on line 131

    The other website (www.guerrenelmondo.it) with the same settings and plugins has not errors)

    So, what's up ?
  • Found, the problem was that on server has been enabled php 5.5.22 instead 5.39. Now it works partially.
    Home page works, but if I enter in an article, I've this error:

    No input file specified.

    These are PHP versions available:

         5.6.8PHP5.6.x New version of the 5.6.x series, that includes new features.
    5.5.22PHP5.5.x New version of the 5.x series, that includes new features.
    5.4.38PHP5.4.x New version of the 5.x series, that includes new features.
    5.3.29PHP5.3.x The most updated and supported version. Recommended.

    What I have to do ?

  • I found errors: On server someone or something were changed (php version and php.ini).
    Now it works all, seems.

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