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Modified editor-toolbar for bbcode plugin
  • Mimic the toolbar of vbulletin and put in into default bbcode plugin of flatpress

    Support some extra bbcode tags:
    -[b], [i], [u], [s] or [strike] or [del]
    -[align=(left|center|right)]text here[/align]
    -[indent]text here[/indent]
    -[url=link_here class=css_class alt="Alternative Text"]Display text[/url]   or simple [url]link_here[/url]
    -[attach=link_here]Text[/attach]   or simple [attach]link_here[/attach]      //which auto display a clip icon as attachment
    -[img=link_here (title) (alt) (popup)(scale|width|height) (float)]      // where  scale=100%, width=100px, height=100px, float=left|right|center
    -[anchor=anchor_name class=css_class]   // in-page anchor  which use with [URL=#anchor_name]the desired section[/URL]
    -[color=#FFFFFF]text here[/color]
    -[size=4]text here[/size]  // size 4 is the normal size
    -[code width=100 height=200]   //in pixel, code can be used with syntax highlightjs to enhanced visuality 
    -[list], [list=1]
    -[table], [row], [cell]     // easy manupilate <table> <tr> <td>

    -img tag support remap url which auto translate "images/" to default image directory : "fp_content/images/"
    -attach code will do the same: "attachs/" to "fp_content/attachs"
    -you can change these folders in default.php in the blog root

    Get it here http://files.ceezblog.info/fp_bbcode_mod.zip
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