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Leggero V2 with varied widget placement & Google Calendar Events
  • Hi all,

    I mentioned the new site I've been working on several weeks ago but it took a while before we released the website, and then I had some more tinkering to do.

    This is the official site of my hometown football club's supporters group. The club is in the very lower reaches of the English football pyramid (about 6 or 7 divisions below the likes of Liverpool and Man United). The club was formerly much higher than they are now but fell on hard times. We're now 100% fan-owned and rocketing our way back up the leagues. The supporters group are actually the major shareholder in the club - so this is a site with a proper board of directors behind it, and site got a big round of applause from everyone when we released it. So thank you to NWM and the FP community :)

    Thought you might like to take a look:


    The theme used is Marc's excellent Leggero V2 which turned out to be nearly perfect for what we were looking for. The only cosmetic changes I made were to remove the coloured background in the header and make the font size a bit bigger in the sidebar - the standard size was a bit difficult to read on some mobile devices.

    The key difference between this site and the standard FP version is that I've added some more widget positions - a LOT more. You can find a basic description of why and how I did this in this thread, but the effect of it all is to enable customisable sidebars, content headers and content footers (i.e. content between the standard page header/footer and whatever is in the page content itself). If you click on a few different pages you'll notice that the sidebars change to show content more applicable to the page which is currently displayed - e.g. the "Fans Travel" page has a sidebar telling you how to book a seat and offering travel advice.

    I used a lot of blockparser widgets to make up the content in the sidebars, but there are a few plugins which I wrote/adapted/had-help-with to add a few more nice features to the site. For instance on the front page you can see an events listing pulled from the group's shared Google Calendar (that's the one I had help with - it uses some form of black magic!), and a list of news headlines pulled from various RSS feeds.

    That last one uses SimplePie and there is a plugin for that, but I found it slowed the site down almost to a crawl at times so I wrote a script to pull in the headlines just like the standard plugin does, but then write the list to a separate HTML file. I then rewrote the plugin to read that file (just by using "file_get_contents") and display the content. The script to update the list of headlines runs automatically 8 times a day (using cronless.com), and I can also update the list manually simply by calling the page with the update script on it, in my web browser.

    I have a similarly scripted plugin to show the current league table on the "Links" page. This league table is generated elsewhere and I used the "file_get_contents" trick again to display it. Mouse/trackpad users might like to hover over the digits in the first 2 of the 3 columns on the right of that table to see another little space-saving trick I used there!

    One new plugin I wrote is a text to image converter. If you look at the email addresses on the About Us page you can see the effect of this. Despite my warning them about it the group wanted to show their email addresses on the website so I came up with the idea of showing their addresses as images with no sign of their email address in the source code. It's still crackable by hardened email address thieves, I suppose, but much safer than just putting and email address there as text.

    In the side bar of that same "About Us" page you can also see another plugin which displays a random items from the club's online shop. This uses a random quote generator which has been discontinued for a long time, but it's still available on the author's site, it's free to use, and it's very useful/adaptable.

    The end result is that we now have a great looking site with quite a lot of back-end scripting going on, but it loads in just a couple of seconds (as opposed to 8-10 seconds when it was using the standard SimplePie plugin).

    I should add that I haven't yet added any of the new plugins it uses to the Wiki because they really need testing a bit more - and the Google Calendar one is hardly what I would call "Plug'n'Play". However if anyone has any questions or wants any specific plugin code then I'd be happy to share.

    I have just one request - please ask me your questions here and DO NOT use the contact form on the website itself (because I never see those - they go to the Chairman of the Supporters Group... who wouldn't have a clue what you're talking about!)

  • Stanley said:

    a list of news headlines pulled from various RSS feeds.

    I'd love to have a widget for that!! :o
  • The basic SimplePie plugin is available for download from the wiki...


    It works just fine but it might slow your site down. Try it then let me know if you'd like details on how to speed it up (a lot).

  • I tried it on my blog and worked fine!! Thanks brother! :)
  • hi Stanley! how are you? I have update my blog to the 1.0.3 but now the LightBox2 plug in don't works. i have try to cange themes, reinstall the blog, canch all file, but the problem still remain... Pease, if you can, take a look http://lantaca.altervista.org/?page=astrogallery
  • @koulaxizis - you are welcome.

    @lantaca - I've experienced this problem a few times (my widget panel stopped allowing me to drag & drop things) but I made a note of the following process which fixed it for me.

    (Also check to see if your widget panel is working - to see if it is the same problem)

    Take these steps:

    1) Disable both the Lightbox and the Lightbox2 Plugins
    2) Ensure that you have the jQuery plugin ENABLED and the jsUtils plugin DISABLED
    3) ENABLE the Lightbox2 Plugin

    I hope this helps.

  • Thx, i have installed 1.0.2 version and the problem is disappeared. After Piero have write a new plugin instead lightbox2 and it works properly with 1.0.3 version. Thx
  • Glad you got it fixed.
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