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gallery - how to control outcome
  • hello,
    i have installed the plugin
    i am using the gallery by writng this code:

    [gallery=images/galleryxxx height=100]

    and i have 2 questions
    • the gallery seems to accept only height=xx and not accepting width=xx ... is that right?
    • how can i insert the attribute alt and title to my images?

    thanks and best regards,

  • Hello,
    1. i still haven't figured out if and how to use the attribute alt and title for the gallery images
    2. is there a way to control which image thumbnail will show first and second and so on ... i have tried to chanche images name but it didn't work
    3. last question: once i click on a thumbnail, let's say i like the enlarged full size picture and i want to save ... i have noticed that the right click mouse doesn't work ... how to same that picture then?
    many thanks,

  • Hi,

    I use a slightly altered QuickGallery plugin which reads the images' titles from a text file within the gallery directory. I uploaded my edited plugin here as a ZIP. Unzip and look out for the sections I changed (marked with "azett" comments). For reading the text file containing the image descriptions (see below), I added the class SimpleProperties.
    You may replace fp_plugins/quickgallery/plugin.quickgallery.php with the changed version (after renaming the original for backup reasons, of course).

    For having the title attribute in the gallery images (and therfore, also see it as description below the images in the image popout), just create a file "texte.conf" within the gallery directory. If you have the gallery images 1.jpg, 2.jpg and someother.jpg, your texte.conf should look like this:
    1.jpg = Description of the first image
    2.jpg = This is the second image.
    someother.jpg = OMG, another image!

    For now, you have to create the texte.conf files for each gallery manually via FTP, I haven't developed a convenient plugin UI for that. You may if you want to :)

    Watch the gallery with the image descriptions in action on my flatpress instance. (And notice that I just add title attributes. The alt attribute will still just be the file name of the image.)

    On my blog, the images in a gallery are simply ordered by filename alphabetically. The image order may depend on your server environment; it may also be the order of the upload date. Try uploading the images in another order to check that.

    For opening a gallery image not as JavaScript popout but as plain image I just middle click the thumbnail, so the fullsize image will open in a new tab (with Firefox running in Windows). Also, right click on the thumbnail and "open target in new tab" would do the trick.

    Hope that helps!

    [Edit 2016-09-04: updated download link for the plugin.]
  • Wrong message
  • Thanks Arvid!

    I just tried your modified plugin and the slideshow and captions works great when i view it in a desktop browser...


    ...but does anyone know if it's possible to get the slideshow to work on a mobile? I have an old Samsung Galaxy Ace and when I try to open the slideshow it just opens the single image I click on (and need to press the back button to go back). So this is great for anyone using a computer, but and increasing number of my visitors use a mobile device.

  • Stanley, try to edit fp-plugins/lightbox2/res/slimbox2.js as suggested here.

    You might also take a look at PhotoSwipe which looks pretty cool and includes swipe navigation on mobile devices. I love it :) For moziloCMS, I already built a plugin. I plan to do so for Flatpress as well; unfortunately, I'm very short of time at the moment. I'll keep you up to date if it ever happens ;)
  • Hi azett,

    thanks for the tip. I took a quick read and it mentions fancybox in the comments. Like you, I don't have a great deal of time on my hands, but I'll post back here if I make any progress.

    PhotoSwipe works VERY nicely on my old Samsung!

  • Stanley,

    I tried the suggested change in slimbox2.js and it worked fine for me. Basically, it's just removing the "don't work on mobile devices" switch (see the "if" statement: The functionality will not be initialized if the client's user agent is something like "android", "iphone" etc. - the change is just to comment out the "if" so SlimBox is initialized for any user agent).
    Don't worry about the FancyBox comments - FancyBox and SlimBox are both LightBox derivates, so the change works the same way for both of them.

  • Thanks Arvid - it worked for me too!
  • Stanley, get ready :) 
    Finally, I'm about to finish the PhotoSwipe plugin, it should be done very soon. I'll keep you up to date :)

    Update 2017-08-12: Done - enjoy :)
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