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related links vs. trackbacks
  • dear friends, i have done a bit of reading on the internet and i am still consufed by the usage of the above 2 functions ... if i see a piece of news on the online newspaper and i want to report on my blog ... which tool should i use??? related links for website references such as news ... and trackbacks for other blogs reference ... i dont think this is right ... thanks for taking the time to share your comments on that Vito
  • trackbacks are a mean to notify someone you're referring a particular article. For trackbacks to work you need a) a platform able to send trackbacks b) a platform able to *receive* trackbacks to link non-trackback-able resources you'll want to use a 'related links' section anyway FlatPress does not support trackbacks yet HTH
  • @vdonatiello: look at Pingback.
  • good! it is clearer ... in simpler words we could say that some blogs have trackback functionality and therefore it is adviced to use trackback ... while online newspaper and website usually dont have such fuction and therefore just use a related link ... thanks!
  • sorry for resuming just an old entry, but i´d like to ask, if it is planned fo give FP a trackback-functionality... ? I think this would be an essential feature for a weblog-system.
  • Posted By: Martinsorry for resuming just an old entry, but i´d like to ask, if it is planned fo give FP a trackback-functionality... ?

    yes, at least *pingback*, which is less spam-prone than trackback
  • cool !! FP rocks ;)
  • The same Martin again - with the same old question...: @NWM, do you still have plans about adding pingback-functions to your great Weblog-Software ? Imho, pingbacks are essential for making an authors weblog known in www. Please don´t understand me wrong - this is just a small wish from my side. Maybe you would like to tell us something about your plans, when you will be able to provide such a functionalitiy or plugin. thx and greetings from germany !! Martin
  • well I had a pingback plugin to send pingback but it wasn't complete... these days I'm very busy, but I'll try and finish or at least release the bits of code, so that people can finish it on their own :)
  • OK, I've commited a NON-functional ping plugin, so that any soul of good will can complete it. What follows is information for a developer: What's in place is a simple way of scheduling things in general: in this case pings. I was thinking about putting this mechanism into core. Here's how it works. 1) we don't want entry_save() to fail, the pingback is sent only when the entry has been saved. 2) to do this, we don't simply queue the request after the entry_save(), I've decided to try to pause the request until a new page reload has took place; given how the admin panel works, if the entry_save() has succeeded, the page will always reload to say "entry was saved successfully"; this means it is almost immediate (even though it doesn't happen in the context of the same page request) [ please notice I wrote this before I added the new admin_panel_entry_onsubmit (and such) hooks... so it might make less sense now ] 3) the "schedule" is a simple serialized array with each URL to be pung. pings will be found in your post text automatically if the new "pingback" field in your entry write panel contains the word "autodiscovery" otherwise, list the URLs to be pung, separated by spaces in that same field For now the schedule works, but not the pinging mechanism which is not in place: someone should either bundle the xml-rpc.php found in other plugins (remotepost) or hardcode the request (I'd say to follow this one, because requests should always look the same!) Hope someone will pick this up! Have fun!
  • Hi NWM, hi plugin-coders ;) I´m very happy to see, pingback is a possible feature. Unfortunatelly i´m a dumb nut in php, coding and programming, so i hope in NWM and the community to create a working solution. If i can do anything else than coding to push the pingback-project - please leave me a word.
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