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Howto get _wpnonce and _wp_http_referer Value?
  • Hi, i writing a linux shell script to automatically add a new entry to flatpress. here is the script (a first attempt): [code] #!/bin/bash fp_url="http://example.net" fp_user="***" fp_pass="***" set -e set -x cookie="$(mktemp)" trap "rm -f -- '$cookie'" EXIT INT # Login post_data="user=${fp_user}&pass=${fp_pass}" wget --save-cookies "$cookie" --keep-session-cookies --post-data="$post_data" -O "/dev/null" "${fp_url}/login.php" # Get _wpnonce and _wp_http_referer Value _wpnonce="$(wget --load-cookies "$cookie" --keep-session-cookies -O "/dev/stdout" "$fp_url/admin.php?p=entry&action=write" | grep -Eo '' | sed 's/^//')" _wp_http_referer="" # Post the Article post_data="_wpnonce=$_wpnonce&_wp_http_referer=$_wp_http_referer&attachselect=--&cats[16]=on&cats[21]=on&content=bar&entry=&flags[draft]=on&imageselect=--&save=Publish&subject=foo×tamp=" wget --load-cookies "$cookie" --keep-session-cookies --post-data="$post_data" -O "/dev/stdout" "$fp_url/admin.php?p=entry&action=write" [code] Is there a better way to get the _wpnonce value? Thx, inne
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