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how to delete a "draft" which can not open
  • Hello,
    yesterday i was entering a new entry ... because i haven't finished it i have saved as "draft" ...
    today i want to finish it but i can not open it :-( i have put on it some BBcode and i am afraid i corrupted the file ...
    now i can not open the entry, it shows on the entries bar but it can not open
    i want to delete the mess
    how to do???

  • i also have noticed that in Administration interface there is a maintenance tab where i can rebuild the indexes

    what are these indexes for? are they a sort of back up files ...

    i used FTP and checked, in the fp-content there are several indexxxxxxxxxxx folders ... what is the uses of these folders/files?


  • From what I know, the indexes make FlatPress aware of its content. Rebuilding them is useful for instance, if you imported a bunch of entries that didn't show up yet on the site. 

    For your question, here's what I'd do: 

    Using FTP, I would go to the folder fp-content/drafts and see what's in there. Each draft is a text file. You should be able to spot the broken draft and delete it. Then after that, rebuild the indexes just to be sure everything is in order. 
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