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Auto mailer to guest for new comment of some specific post
  • Hi guys,

    Here is the situation: a guy came to a blog by search engine and he had some questions to ask the author about that post. He posted a comment and he checked reply of the author on the blog everyday for a week but he got nothing from the author. Then he gave up, stopped checking the that blog since it looks like the author is not going to reply. 2 months later, that problem comes up again since he hasn't solved it yet. Again he comes to that blog and realizes that the author replied his question about 2 months ago right after he stopped checking that blog.

    I am that guy. I come to assumption that many people visit your blog just for one question they need answer and some of them may never know their question has been answered or they will know very late. Thus a notification function for new comment is quite helpful for the guest that come to your blog yes?

    That is why I have this idea.

    How it should work: 

    When a guest posts a comment to your post, he has an extra checkbox on the comment form: "[x] notify me by mail when someone post new comment". So that whenever a new comment added to that post. That person should receive an email about new comment, so that he don't have to regularly check the post for reply. Also in the notification mail he receives should have a link to "un-subscribe" to that post.

    This plugin should have a small database contains guest email link to post id. And it would trigger a function that checks its database for post id and sends mails to who has subscribed. And another function to remove email that link to some post id for unsubscribe feature.

    I think it's doable. But my knowledge about flatpress is very little. It would take me months or a year to code this plugin.

    So, here I am looking for you guys, the enthusiastic programmers, to solve this problem

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