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Come creare un TOP MENU FISSO?
  • Ciao a tutti.

    Come posso creare un top menu fisso in maniera da inserire tutte le pagine statiche del blog e farle aprire sempre all'interno della stessa finestra?

    Se possibile datemi una spiegazione a prova di stupido :-)

    Grazie mille

  • Sorry for replying in English but the links to static pages in your menu should be in the format below, and they should all open in the same window - if not try adding  <base target="_top"> to your header.tpl


  • Also, in header.tpl:

    <div id="outer-container">

    <div id="menu">
    {widgets pos=top}
    <div id="{$id}" class="topw">

    THEN in your theme's theme.conf.php file add:

    register_widgetset('top'); // important - do not forget ";" !!

    Example here if you want to inspect the CSS for the element

  • I'll try but for me it's very hard. I need info step by step. Thanks
  • It is not so difficult as you think :)

    It is only a 2-step process to add the widget and put your menu there, then you need to add some style to the menu:

    1) Create the widget position in your template file (e.g. header.tpl in this case) as I did

    2) Add your new widgetset to the "Register Widgetsets" section of theme.conf.php (there will already be some there)

    Then it should appear in your widget panel - just drag and drop your menu widget there as you would with the usual sidebar widgets.

    You will need to style your menu so that it displays as a horizontal (inline) list. See the following link to see the CSS which I added to my theme's css file...


  • Somehow I have done so.
    Thanks for your help!
  • You're welcome.
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