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Doku Captcha Plugin: image doesn't work, only text
  • Salve, ho installato Doku Captcha ma non mi funziona l'immagine. Funziona solo il testo. 
    Non capisco perché mi succede solo su www.musicletter.it/contact.php e non negli altri blog. 
    Eppure le impostazioni sono le stesse. Credo. 

    Potreste aiutarmi a risolvere il problema?


    Hi, I installed Doku Captcha but I do not work the picture. Only text works.
    I do not understand why I only happen at www.musicletter.it/contact.php and not in other blogs.
    Yet the settings are the same. I think.

    Could you help me solve the problem?

  • Can you help me?

  • Maybe @pierovdfn can help, if he is still tuned in?
  • http://flatpress.org/vanilla2/discussion/3086#Item_1
  • I'm unable to get a working download address for the dokucaptcha of pierovdfn.

    Is there any possibility to change from the dokucaptcha to the fpcaptcha plugin in the flatpress wiki?

  • here: https://www.pierovdfn.it/fp-content/attachs/dokucaptcha_v1.1.tar.gz
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