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Theme.conf.php usage
  • As I'm working on a new theme I was trying to understand once for all the usage of the files theme.conf.php and style.conf.php. So, if the information shown in the theme panel are taken from the commented part, what's the meaning of the arrays $theme[] and $style[]? What infos can be put there, and where are these infos used?
  • the only relevant ones are * version : version of the theme engine. Matches the version of FlatPress. Currently > 0.705 means you support styles; if version <= 0.704 (IIRC) then the theme does not support styles; * default_style : name of the default style (these IIRC should be needed only if ver <= 0.704, otherwise they belong to style.conf.php) * style_def : file name of the default CSS in current style (usually style.css) * style_admin : file name of CSS for the admin panel * style_print : (optional) file name of the CSS for media=print
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