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link to youtube video
  • Hello, i would like to post a video of youtube in one of my messages. But whwn i copy the code : for example: nothing goes as i would like
  • use the [video= ] tag; see the wiki for info
  • Sorry, i just saw the wiki [video=http://youtube.com/MYVIDEO] thanks
  • it doesn't work in my blog.... why?
  • it should only be problematic in IE, however i don't know the reason or the solution. edit: hmm, now it fails in FF too, only chrome works as it should. interesting...
  • only the video tag doesn't work, the normal code work fine whit all browser. Is a problem of the plugin of the standard distriubution? I have the v 0.909. Bye to all and happy xstams ;-)
  • the generated code was broken; see if this fixes that for you http://flatpress.svn.sf.net/viewvc/flatpress/trunk/flatpress/fp-plugins/bbcode/plugin.bbcode.php?revision=312
  • ok, adesso funziona :-)
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