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Comparison to PivotX
  • I was looking at PivotX, also a flat-file software package, and just wondering if anyone could fill me in on what advantages FlatPress might have over it. I can already see that the admin panels on Flatpress are less complicated, a bit more user-friendly, but I wonder if in general it might be more lightweight and better performing, or have some other advantages that I haven't noticed. I may need to choose between them soon. TIA.
  • Well, I think can reliably say that no flat file CMS at the time being is featuring what FP will feature in the next release, which is a completely new indexing system which should make it more flexible and (partially) faster. I didn't really compare PivotX and FP in terms of *speed*, since they're *very* different anyway, and I didn't compare them as of *now* with FP featuring the new system. In Pivot the indices were completely loaded to memory as FP has been doing since now (with the new FlatIndex it won't anymore). On the other hand PivotX supports MySQL (and SQLite IIRC), so I think you should be able to import your posts into the DBMS of your choice if you could at some point. FP features a WordPress exporter, which is not *complete*, as it lacks in exporting categories, but it works. PivotX let you manage many blogs from one UI, and have many users, while FP is meant as a minimal[1] single-blog single-user solution (even though multi-user will be probably added at some point) and that's why Pivot used to feature a very complicated UI. The new "Dashboard" in PivotX looks much more polished, and packed with very nice features (scale/crop/upload UIs for images, for instance). In brief, PivotX does a lot more than FP; but what's better really depends on what you need :) Have fun! [1] of course not as in "lacking features" but as in "simple" :)
  • Well, maybe you could start using PivotX, learn it well and then port the best of PivotX on FP... This way FP will be longer better than PivotX!!! :D BTW, when the new release will come out? Will you make us a Xmas gift?
  • it would be nice; I don't know if I'll be up to it; let's see :)
  • I had a little look at pivotx 2-1-2. I installed it (7Mb) and couldn't see a login in start window to configure anything. (not friendly) Was to be given in URL /pivotx. Local on PC Admin panel needed long time for any action - don't know why - online worked well. Then I saw, that pivot wanted to connect to pivotx.net every minute (Outpost told me - online I wouldn't see). Why ? Preconfigured feed ? Nothing for me. Everything looked smooth, but not handy. The template management I didn't undestand. Changing of outfit and behaviour I coudn't explore in short time. Don't know, if it's possible. Sidebar dopped under the artikles by unknown reasons - didn't see, how to correct this. May be in doc is to read more, but Admin-panel should tell me all, whats possible to handle. - no alternative
  • I looked at PivotX when it was still in beta... It looked great and I liked the comment box. However, when I saw the templating windows popping up and the extra "features" just to change the style. Well then I messed around with it for some time and couldn't make a heads tail of how you are going to completely redesign a theme with everything popping up... Also when I tried to move the installation, on my localhost, to another location. It didn't function well. The main problem with it, to me, is that its bloated. The more bloated something is there more chance there is that something can go wrong. Just look at the size of it compared to flatpress. I prefer flatpress, because I can go deep and dirty with it. Use my favorite web/text editor to modify the code, not with a browser. The interface is simple and easy to find things. Not like wordpress, which I installed the newest version. Looked at it and wondered where is this or that. With flatpress I also know where everything is that makes it tick. Not like these other blog/CMS systems that are so gargantuan that it takes aeons to changes something. So if you want a fast forward and easy to use simple (yet advanced) blogging system without all the other things you won't really use, then I prefer flatpress. Do some testing on your own and just look at how long it takes to load the admin panel on pivotx and wordpress. And remember that you are going to be using that panel for the life of your blog. Then I would rather prefer one which is low on bandwidth and gets the job done. Not one which I have to go through endless tabs just to get at the settings I want to change. PS.: Can't wait for the new flatpress, sounds awesome.
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