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Translation into Hebrew
  • Hello all, I want this awesome blog system translated into hebrew. I'm willing to translate it myself, but I have no idea how. If you could give me the files require translation, I could give you them all translated into hebrew in .txt way, so you could decide whether to take it or not. I'm native hebrew speaker and my English is also quite well, so I believe I could translate it without any difficulties. Please respond. Thank you. PS: Hebrew is written from right to left, and that would be needed to change as well.
  • This wiki page should be a good start :) I've never investigated deeply into the RTL issue, though
  • So, anyone has an idea how do I change the whole system to RightToLeft? And that wiki page isn't a good START. I barely understand what they want from me...
  • So, anyone has an idea how do I change the whole system to RightToLeft?

    I think you should open the header.tpl of your theme (if you're using Leggero, the default, is in fp-interface/themes/leggero/header.tpl, open it with your favourite text editor), find the line containing the <html> tag, and make it like
    And that wiki page isn't a good START. I barely understand what they want from me...

    I'm sorry that page isn't clear enough; I have very little time to spend on documentation and I have to apologize. That page is saying the file you have to translate are all mainly in fp-interface/lang/en-us/ you copy them to a new dir (fp-interface/lang/he-il/ I suppose), then you open each file with your favorite text editor[1] and translate them. Other lang files are those in the directory of each plugin; e.g. akismet is fp-plugins/akismet/lang.en-us.php ; for hebrew it should be fp-plugins/akismet/lang.he-il.php Even though it's not the best IMO, the first text editor coming to my mind is notepad++; there, UTF8 without BOM means you have to check from the menu Format that "UTF-8 without BOM" is checked. That should do. I hope this was clearer, thanks for your appreciation to FlatPress, and for your contribution
  • Alright, thanks, I understand now. By the way, after I translate it, where do I post it so the creators/admins can check it out and decide to make it official?
  • Still got the problem of RTL. I tried changing the header.tpl and the index.php...no luck. Any more suggestions please? Comon, you're the pro, you built this!
  • I did not explain myself good enough. Not only it needs to be RTL, but the whole page supposed to stick to the right side. Which means, the manu in the left side, entries written while it alinged to the right. Means "text-align:Right;" Please, just tell me which files to modify to do so, and modify to what. I already figured out how to translate.
  • you can do what you're asking for by modifying the theme; CSS's are in fp-interface/themes/leggero/leggero/res/ for the "Leggero" style and fp-interface/themes/leggero/flatmaas-rev/res/ for the FlatMaas style sorry if I'm not as quick as you to answer, seems like many other people are on holiday in this period :D btw, you can post yourself the language pack on the wiki, by registering and uploading it there http://wiki.flatpress.org/res:language
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