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StudioPress 3 columns theme
  • StudioPress is Wordpress theme that I ported to FlatPress for my blog, it's a 3-columns theme, Adsense ready. You can download it from the Wiki. Update: (16/10/2009) added an image to the header instead of the black background and fixed some problems.
  • Damn man! I was porting the same theme!!! It was 99% completed... :( :( :(
  • I was thinking... Since my theme is 99% done, maybe you can take a look at my version and grab into your version what you like most... For other users: My version is not to be used! Use flat2007's one, if you want!
  • Sorry man I didn't know :) I ported it a and used it since a month ago, but I didn't put it in the wiki until I was sure everything is working. I'm downloading you version now.
  • a great theme !! i tested it and would like to use it, but in my browsers there is a little "bug"... If on the Contact-Site, the input-field goes over both sidebars (tested with FF3 and IE7) Could please have a look ? Thank you and regards, Martin
  • Hi Martin, please add this to: res/style.css .post textarea { width: 510px; }
  • that´s it - Thank you very much... !! Nice weekend ;) cu Martin
  • Good afternoon, i ran into another difficulty... I use lightbox-plugin to display galeries. In IE7, the lightbox begins at the left border of the main-content, and not at the left border of the browserwindow... I tried to modify the lightbox.css with a high z-index-number, but that didn´t help me out... There is also the problem, that the Close-Button can not be seen, if the picture is bigger than the main-content :( Please have a look here, it describes better, i think ;) LINK Thanks for any help !!
  • I just try it in my blog using another theme and the I get the same problems in IE7, please try other themes and let us know what you get, maybe the problem is in the lightbox plugin or quickgallery not the theme.
  • There is also the problem, that the Close-Button can not be seen, if the picture is bigger than the main-content :(

    yes it is a known issue with lightboxes I don't understand completely your first problem, though, but it sounds like a CSS issue of this theme; I've seen a position:relative on the main div, maybe that's the reason HTH
  • Look at the screenshot, NWM, there you see that lightbox-overlay begins at the left border of the maincontent.. And yes, there are several "position: relative"´s in the css... Maybe that one could result in this "bug" ? body { position: relative; /* Fixes browser resizing bug in IE6 */ margin: 0 auto 10px auto; width: 950px; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', sans-serif; text-align: center; /* IE Centering Technique */ background: #656565 url(../images/bgbody.jpg) repeat-x top center; I´ll try with absolute and see what happens ;) brb
  • "absolute" pushes the complete content to the left side :( Now i had another idea - i´ll reduce my pics to 800x600 - so they won´t touch the borders of the maincontent and nothing is cropped ;)
  • @ NWM - i´ve edited the picture i linked to above - i think now it describes the problem perfect ;) KLICK
  • try removing the position: relative altogether; also that kind of bug usually comes up when there are "overflow:auto" as well, even though I didn't find any HTH
  • I tested more themes and I get the same problem in IE7, so I disabled Lightbox and tryied Lytebox and everything seems to work fine in both IE7 and FF. http://www.flatpress.org/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=37&page=1#Item_10
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