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howto update
  • hi, again. how to update my flatpress withou loosing my data: my posts, files.
  • 6. you might need to clean the cache if you had prettyurls enabled

    although this is on the blog as well, I'll stickify it
  • works very good, i have just updated 812 to 812.1 :)
  • Ottimo lavoro! Aggiornato senza problemi da ben 2 release precedenti! ;)
  • Hello, I'm new and I tried to update to the newer .812.1 version, but I think I'm having issues. I did steps 1-5, but I get stuck on the "rebuild the index" step. I don't see a "rebuild the index" button. I also checked the update section and it still shows .703.5, did I do something wrong? Can someone please let me know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

    It also says "unable to retrieve updates"

    Edit: sorry, a bit more information...My website is and I am a upgraded member. Please let me know if any other information is needed, thanks.

    Edit2: Ok, nevermind, I didn't have the right permission set or something. After that, it updated correctly. It still says "unable to retrieve updates", but at least it shows the current version now. Also, I did see the "rebuild index" link and everything works great, thanks.
  • Yes...
    However when I update Flatpress, I just upload the new files and I don't reinstall and my blog works very well.
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