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howto update
  • hi, again. how to update my flatpress withou loosing my data: my posts, files.
  • First of all, which version do you currently have? Here a sample update:
    1. Backup the complete FP installation
    2. Rename your FP installation dir to something like "old"
    3. Setup the new FP in your web dir
    4. Move your themes and plugins into the new FP
    5. Move your fp-content to the new FP
    Then login with your login name, if you use the same as before, and switch to the admin panel. There you will find "rebuild your index" and all is done.
  • 6. you might need to clean the cache if you had prettyurls enabled although this is on the blog as well, I'll stickify it
  • works very good, i have just updated 812 to 812.1 :)
  • Ottimo lavoro! Aggiornato senza problemi da ben 2 release precedenti! ;)
  • Hello, I'm new and I tried to update to the newer .812.1 version, but I think I'm having issues. I did steps 1-5, but I get stuck on the "rebuild the index" step. I don't see a "rebuild the index" button. I also checked the update section and it still shows .703.5, did I do something wrong? Can someone please let me know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for your help. It also says "unable to retrieve updates" Edit: sorry, a bit more information...My website is http://the-imdb.com and I am a upgraded 110MB.com member. Please let me know if any other information is needed, thanks. Edit2: Ok, nevermind, I didn't have the right permission set or something. After that, it updated correctly. It still says "unable to retrieve updates", but at least it shows the current version now. Also, I did see the "rebuild index" link and everything works great, thanks.
  • Posted By: bandeezeeIt still says "unable to retrieve updates"

    socket functions are disabled, therefore you can't use the update check function; just ignore that ;)
  • Yes... However when I update Flatpress, I just upload the new files and I don't reinstall and my blog works very well.
  • I updated today, no Problems. Red Stuff are Steps I'm not sure about, just so you know:
    1. Create a directory named “new”
    2. transfer the new Flatpress version into the directory “new”
    3. Rename the current Flatpress directory to “old”
    4. Rename the “new” directory to the name, the “old” directory had before
    5. Adjust permissions for “fp-content” directory to 777(without subfolders and files)
    6. Copy "fp-Plugins/ ..." and "fp-Interface/lang/..."fp-Interface/themes/..." form Folder old
    7. Run setup the usual way
    8. Copy the Flatpress data from “old/fp-content/” to your new installation
    9. Rebuild the Index in Adminstration Panel - Maintain
    10. Clear Browser cache
    11. If you use PrettyURL recreate the .htacess (I looked into the PrettyURL settings and saved the already existing .htaccess, not sure about that)
    12. Delete Folder "Setup" and File "Setup.php"

    I changed the permissins from fp-content back to 755 (without subfolders and files)

    Steps are taken from the Flatpress Wiki with some changes by me. There are no Problems with the Plugin fpstats (all clicks on the entries remain)

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