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  • Snoods theme released on the wiki!!!
  • hmm... it's nice but it looks a bit confused... I'd adjust a bit the spacing of some of the elements btw good job
  • @ NWM:
    how about a custom widgetgroup? {widgets pos=topbar} $content {/widgets} and in topbar putting a blockparser:topbar where topbar is a static page with a [list]

    I just read what you wrote on the wiki... It's what I've thought of, but I coulnd't figure out how to make it... I'll work on it, and let you know when it's all fixed! Thanks for the suggestion!!!
  • {widgets pos=topbar} $content {/widgets} goes in template file (header.tpl or whatever you want) blockparser:topbar goes in widgets configuration. If you are using the last SVN version you can add a custom block through the dynamic panel :) Warning: you must create a static page named topbar, first
  • {widgets pos=topbar} $content {/widgets}
    and the topbar content should look like [list] [*][url=#]blabla[/url] [*][url=#]blabla[/url] [*][url=#]blabla[/url] [/ul] Then you'll have to add #topbar ul li { display: inline; } and tune the various paddings etc. you can use blockparser:menu as well to use the standard links menu (btw this is user defined, you know)
  • Already done... Just a question: I can't insert a "base" staticpage that user can modify, can I? Each user must create his/her own page by him/herself, right?
  • I have just fixed "snoods" to work correctly with the new "svn version"! When this release will become stable I'll upload the new version of this theme... And, of course, of the other too!!!
  • I've updated snoods, and now it works correctly with Vivace... Chech the wiki!
  • Updated again to fix some bugs in the search box and in the admin links!
  • I just found that the footer has something wrong... The link to the theme designer is messed up... So please replace the content of the div with this
  • It has been ported to my attention that, with entry titles that takes two lines to display, there could be some "blinking" (I haven't found another term!): in practice the title keeps changing from normal size to bold size and vice versa, causing that horrible graphic problem. To solve it there are two possible things to do: 1. Use short(er) titles :P 2. Add in common.css this line of code.entrytitle h2 a:hover { font-weight: normal; }
  • Theme updated: I found out that under Chrome the sidebar was shown with wrong font-size and wrong text-positioning! As soon as I'll be able to login to the wiki I'll put the file there. Download is also possible via this page; choose Fortissimo Version, because Vivace is no longer updated!
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