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Edit on static pages not working
  • Hi, I would apreciate any help you could give me on this subject. I have a theme which I ported from wordpress and I have got most of the bugs out of it except one. Which is, when I click the edit link on a static page the editor appears but there isn't any text, just a blank textbox with none of the already existing content.
  • That's because statics don't have such a quick link ;) that's only for entries and comments (which have only delete) :) bye
  • Thanks, I relised this right after I posted the question. I looked more at the theme being ported than legero. I should pay more attention.
  • nevermind ;)
  • Hello, I'm new to flatpress, and so far I love it. Is there anyway to turn the categories into links? How do you link the categories to your own files? for example, when I click on a categorie to see what is placed in that file, it does nothing.
  • Hello kelnori, can I ask you to open a new topic for your question, please? :) It's only for order, so NoWherMan and others can help you better.
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