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Nautica22 Liquid
  • A new simple 2 column liquid layout is available in the Wiki. It is a combination of an oswd.org template and the leggero default theme of Flatpress. Edit: March 16, 2009 Complete Design and Code Relaunch, now usable with Flatpress 0.812.1. The new Nautica22 Liquid theme can be downloaded in the Flatpress Wiki | Themes
  • Updated Nautica Liquid 22 for Flatpress 0.803 (Vivace). Changes: - add a preview for the Theme in the Admin panel and description - CSS for Search box, Calendar and Admin panel - Sidepanel layout - Postings date and time line - change the theme.conf.php Have fun :)
  • Finished the complete Design and Code Relaunch. Make it more usable for currently most commonly used browsers. Nautica22 Liquid is usable with Flatpress 0.812.x Fortissimo. Tested with IE 6/7/8, FF 2.x/3.x, Safari 3.x, Opera 8.x/9.x, Google Chrome 1.x, Flock 2.x and Seamonkey 1.1.x.
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