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VoW theme
  • Hello everybody, I'm working on the porting of this wordpress theme to Flatpress. It's almost completed but I have a problem: when I click on an archive link or on a single post link, on the top of the page appears an error message:
    Notice: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /membri/lognomogurt/diario/fp-includes/core/core.bplustree.class.php on line 2369

    The other parts of my code work fine (or at least I still haven't found any bug :P ), I checked my code again and again (looking at other themes it seems this part refers to index.tpl or default.tpl, is it true? ), but I have no idea about what's the matter with this. Does anyone have any idea? The testing blog on which I'm testing is here.
  • see http://www.flatpress.org/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=242&page=1#Item_3
  • Thank you! I already saw that page, but I didn't realize it was a software bug (I was falling asleep :P), so I was looking for a solution to fix it into the theme, to avoid everyone who will install this theme have to ignore the message. So in a couple of day (weeks maybe) I will post the complete theme! Thanks! EDIT: I have just noticed that this solution doesn't work on the new altervista server (I tried it when I was testing on ilbello.com). Is it server-dependant?
  • switch altervista to PHP5, the notice will go away (it is a dumb almost meaningless syntactic problem with PHP4, that's why I didn't bother rereleasing) btw, it doesn't depend on your theme, of course bye
  • I was replying saying I already have switched to php5, but after re-checking files I found a typo in the htaccess file... (Ok, this make me seem as idiot as Berlusconi or so...) Thank you and keep up your great work! I will publish my theme asap!
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