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how to change entry's categories
  • could I change the entries's categories easier? not to change it one by one this is the thing , I did not add any categories at start, and now I have more than 50 entries. then I want to add some categories,and change the entries to different categories I can't find a easier way , only find that it could be changed one by one to edit entry. but ,it is too slow and bother. so I want some method to do it quickly, like selecting entries and change all the entries's categories which have been select
  • unfortunately there isn't such a functionality built-in
  • No! that is terrible! you should add a functionality that could change the entries multitudinous,like delete,change categories something it will be helpful for the people who move their blog from another blog program to flatpress like me
  • I was just wondering about this myself. I found I need to tweak the categories and it will be a pain to have to edit the posts one by one. Maybe this feature could go on a wishlist?
  • I guess someone might write a plugin for that :)
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