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help develop template
  • I am designing a template, and I want some add widgets on topbar by default without having to add the widget from Dashboard, Is it possible? How do I do? I hope you understand, i use google translator :P
  • nothing?
  • You have to edit fp-content/config/widgets.conf.php and put 'name-of-top-widget' => array ( 0 => 'what-you-want-to-add', 1 => 'what-you-want-to-add', ... ),
  • mmm yes, this is a good method, but is outside the folder fp-interface>themes, so as to distribute template the user would have to overwrite your file widgets.conf.php
  • I don't know other methods (but this doesn't mean that this isn't possible!)... Sorry!
  • there isn't a sane way at the moment; I might add a plugin hook (they work for theme.conf.php as well) in the SVN version
  • well thanks for the help, I will have to do with the widget panel
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