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moving flatpress from one hosting to another
  • Hi, I have to change my hosting. How do I migrate my old flatpress to my new hosting account? Please advice.
  • First of all, read this forum entry: howto update You can find a more detailed description about setup in the Wiki: Flatpress Installation Skip the instructions about the german language pack, if you use the bundled english version. If you need an other language pack, please download it from the Wiki and follow the instructions about the german language pack and change the time zone parameters to your language. You should use your old login name, but the password can be an other. Did you use the same URL or is the URL a new one on your new hosting account? If you have used in your entries an link to other entries with absolute URL like "http://www.example.org/entry...", you have to edit all entries after you moved to the new hosting account. I'm not sure, what to do, if you used PrettyURLs in you old flatpress. I would preferred a complete new setup and then move themes, plugins and the content to your new hosting account.
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