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meta title when in category
  • hello everybody i´m from germany and i have installed flatpress everything works fine but when you click on a category there is only the flatpress_TITLE defined. This causes many sites in google with the same title -> not so pretty is it possible to show the cattitle for example "entertainment" as the metatitle of the category-page? link of category: ?x=cat:4 or (pretty urls) /index.php/category/nameofcategory4/ in /html/fp-plugins/prettyurls/plugin.prettyurls.php the url is generated function categorylink($str, $catid) { if (PRETTYURLS_TITLES) { if (@$this->categories[$catid]) return $this->baseurl . "kategorie/{$this->categories[$catid]}/"; else return $str; } else { return $this->baseurl . "kategorie/{$catid}/"; } } but i don´t know which $var is containing the category-number or the category-name when i would have the category-number it should be possible to import from the categories.txt i hope anyone can help me best regards
  • Please read this forum entry, hope it help a bit... General: FlatPress y Motores de b
  • thx - i haver already found this thread but now i have another problem i uploades the folder cattitle_head to /html/fp-plugins/ then i activated it then i deleted it without deactivation and now when i´m uploading it again it is not recognized in the admin plugin area what i have done: deleted the cattitle in plugins.conf.php
  • solved wrong filename .... sorry
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