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  • Hi I have created a theme called simple3 (slighty based on zeuders ezau). It's a three-column-theme with a menu at the top. Take a look. I would be happy about any suggestion and write-up. At the moment my modifications for the admin-area aren't complete. binary-term.de simple3.tar.gz
  • Excellent stuff! I really like it. My only comments after a quick look through it are: 1) (and this is just a personal thing!) Having the menu items flip to "bold" and have an increased letter spacing on mouseover looks good in this case, but for those "long" items where making them go bold makes them break onto a new line means that the menu section below that will jump up and down as you hover over the item. That's the same on every menu on the internet, where items switch from normal to bold. I'd stick with one or the other, or try out some background colours for when you hover over the menu items, instead, like you do in the admin panel navbar. But I just turned both of those 2 hover effect off, and it looks great to my eyes. 2) I looked... I was hoping... but no, it's not a liquid layout. I would make the main content column on the left collapsible for smaller screens if it was me. 3) The blog title is almost invisible on my screen, until I hover over it. The text transformation - I'm not sure whether I like it or not yet, but I think I'm leaning towards having a blog title which doesn't do anything when you move your mouse over it, it's just another distraction for me. I turned the transformation of and set the text colour as blue and bold (font-weight: heavier;), and left the hover colour as it was. It looks better to me. 4) The text transformation on the entry headers is also a little distracting for my taste. Also, something I do religiously in all my themes, I added text-align: left; to the H3 tag because I sometimes have long titles on my posts, and they look untidy when these are justified along with the main content. The admin area still needs a little work, as you say. In particular the post entry form could do with being outlined a little better - I found it hard to make out where the textarea was on my LCD screen. I like the tool bar button styling though. The categories list could use a space between the checkboxes and the category titles and, again, better outlining on the checkboxes. Finally, and this is something I've just done with my own (experimental) team blog, so it was one of the things I was looking for, I would add the author's name back in to the posts on the same line as the date/time. Then I would have the "Categories" list (note you need to correct the english spelling there) and then another line with add comment. In summary - great! I made a few tweaks to suit my own tastes and I really like it and I would consider using it for my team blog, except that it won't collapse, and some of my team use mobile browsers where this might be a bigger problem. If you could work on that one aspect I'd probably use it. I currently use Simplewood theme, which is quite a good liquid layout - it expands to fill big screens well and collapses down to about 562px before the horizontal scroll bar breaks into view.
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