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problem on win2008/apache2.2/php 5.3.0
  • i have a problem installing flatpress on win2008/apache2.2/php 5.3.0: installation (setup.php), login via http://sitename/blog/login.php and administration running totally fine - but there is a plain white page when i call http://sitename/blog/ i tried to fix defaults.php - no success: // compatibility with ISS if (!isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])) $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = 'http://sitename/blog/'; #define('BLOG_ROOT', dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '/'); define('BLOG_ROOT', '/blog/'); define('BLOG_BASEURL', 'http://sitename/blog/'); the error-log reads quite a few times: [Mon Sep 28 12:24:26 2009] [error] [client 193.xx.xx.xx] PHP Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in D:\\wwwdata\\blog\\fp-plugins\\bbcode\\inc\\stringparser_bbcode.class.php on line 1160 As said: Setup, Login, Administration work fine, i can even create entrys (the .txt-files are generated and saved!) - only VIEWING the Blog or listing the entrys doesn't work. I know that i'm on a rather exoctic config - but i'd be happy for any hint. thomas
  • is this the SVN version? if not, please download the SVN tarball, as explained on the project blog
  • its a bit hard to find - but installing the svn-tarball fixed the problem without any changes needed. many thanks! tom
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