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Entry file naming
  • I am wanting to import past entries from another blog (not flatpress) and can manually insert them into Flatpress structure by month, but I am having trouble understanding the file naming. I understand each entry is named by the date/time (ex: entry091024-194647.txt), but I do not get the last part (the -194647) before .txt. So, the naming structure is entry(YYMMDD)-??????.txt Anyone have an idea what this means or how it works?
  • YYMMDD-HHMMSS.txt :)
  • DOH! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I thought it had something to do with time, but on my sys in the entry itself it is saved as unix time, just didn't occur to me!
  • check whether an importer is already available on the wiki. also, keep in mind that adding entries to FP is not just as easy as adding a txt file: you'll have to rebuild the index from the maintenance panel
  • Importing from a blog on MySpace so none apply & no way to download data from either. Creating text files works just fine for each entry (although takes a while) so long as the structure inside is maintained with timestamps & other info correctly.
  • can I suggest you to try the datechanger plugin? it might help you in the process of importing :) bye
  • EDIT: sorry wrong topic
  • NWM, I think you replied to the wrong topic... :S :D
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