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per-entry image attachments
  • it would be great if we had this feature coz it's quite unmanageable the current way. users (i mean those who use flatpress on their site) expect picture attachments at the post, not in a menu in the admin area. and it gets really crowded when there are a lot of pictures. i imagine this as a dialog on the bottom of the "new entry" page, as in webmail, "choose a file to attach", etc. then it uploads the image to a subfolder in entryxxxxxx-xxxxxx (near view-counter.txt). what do you think?
  • it'd been in the works for a while, before I started re-writing the backend (bplustree, last year); images would have been uploaded to images/YY/YY/ (YY two-digits year, MM two-digits month); and it would have featured an inline upload form as you suggest, with a gallery. meanwhile I just happen to upload in a custom dir via FTP if I need to. Actually, I don't even use the bbcode toolbar anymore, but I agree that the current system sucks.
  • yeah, i also ftp them to a separate dir, but it's nearly impossible to teach users FTP and directory hierarchy :S but hopefully it will be solved... sometime.
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