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forum in flatpress
  • it may have been brought up earlier, but i couldn't find related topics. it would be great if flatpress had some simple forum engine. by simple i mean it has: - categories - topics after the multiuser work is done, the list could be extended with - users - user categories (admins, forum users) but anonymous (with a name entered at post time) posting would be fine for now. basically, this is just a simple system of organized comments. the tools are given already. the topic starter post would work pretty much like a blogpost (but of course blogposts could be written only by the admin, while topics could be started by anyone), and others can "comment" it (reply). all that has to be done is to get this categorization stuff work and integrate into flatpress. i imagine this in a way similar to drupal's solution, the forum integrates nicely into the site, so the surrounding environment won't change when one switches between an entry and a topic. what do you think?
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