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How do you add a line between blog posts?
  • Hi, I'm using f!uXish theme with left-right sidebars, I want to add a line between two blog posts on the front page for easy reading. Which file and where shall I edit, say, adding
    somewhere? I must admit I'm new to this. Many thanks in advance.
  • I'm not sure, if I understand what you want, but try to edit the "entry-default.tpl" from f!uXish. There should be a div at the beginning and at the end oft this file. Place you "hr" into the div at the end of this div and see if that is what you want.
  • Thanks. I've tried, but the line didn't appear. I've also checked the page source, the code
    was there in the correct place, but it didn't work for some reason.
  • Hm, check the css files of this theme and take a look, if the "hr" is set to hidden.
  • Thank laborix! You got the culprit. I've fixed it and it works fine now. Cheers~
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