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Some Flatpress issues.
  • I just downloaded Flatpress a few days ago and rebuilt my site (formerly SPHPB) on my local system. Everything worked fine. I then uploaded it to my hosting service. For the visitor, everything still seems fine, but when I log in to the Admin panel and click on the various tabs, there are no themes, plug-ins, statics or widgets available. Any ideas why? Also, since Flatpress does not provide for moderation of comments, what is the best way to delete undesirable comments? My site is motorcycle-talk.com
  • The problem could be the version of PHP, check out this post http://www.flatpress.org/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=892&page=1#Item_4 Ciao!
  • I don't think the PHP version is the problem. I am running PHP 5.2.5 and my hosting service is running 5.2.6.
  • what do you mean exactly with "there are no themes, plug-ins, statics or widgets available" ? is safe mode enabled on your host? (check the maintainance > phpinfo page)
  • Clicking on the php info link on the maintenance page does nothing at all. The same appears to be true of all the other links on that page. When I click on the themes tab, it says "Current Theme...Author unknown" (I am using Azure), but the theme works. On the Widgets Tab, it says "Available Widgets", but there are no widgets listed. On the Plug-Ins tab, The header for the table is there, but the table is empty. etc., etc. On the"Configuration" page, the following error message is repeated multiple times above the "General Settings": "Notice: SmartyValidate: [validate plugin] form 'default' is not registered. in /home/motorcyc/public_html/fp-includes/smarty/plugins/function.validate.php on line 46" I have checked, and all folders and files are present and permissions are correctly set.
  • Well, some of the problem is fixed. Even though my hosting service said they were using PHP 5.2.6, phpinfo() informed me they were actually using PHP 4.4.9. Luckily, they have a simple method for changing the php version that is used on a website. When I changed to 5.2.6, the Themes, Statics, Plug-Ins and Widgets pages started working correctly. Unfortuantely, there is still a problem. When I select the "Options" tab, all I get is the following error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function smarty_function_validate_init() in /home/motorcyc/public_html/fp-content/cache/cf04a02e37b774fc311a48f605c3c597^%%98^98A^98A39EF3%%default.php on line 6. Can anyone help me resolve this one?
  • Right after I posted my previous comment, I ran across another post about a Smarty error where nowhereman suggested clearing fp-content/cache. I did that, and all is now well! Thank you!
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