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[Feature Request] Remove files in images or attachs
  • Any plans to add the functionality to remove files that are located in images or attachs? One more reason not to provide people access via FTP. :)
  • I haven't tried it (well I have but I didn't check for residual files) but one way round that might be to use Windows Live Writer (if your users can) or another alternative remote posting program to post entries, then delete them. You can get a file attachment plugin for WLW though I've yet to try it. This will probably only work (if it works at all) by deleting the entire article. WLW seems pretty good at managing FlatPress entries, so it may be clever enough to clean up any orphaned files it leaves in its tracks. You could also check out scripts such as File Thingie and see if you can implement your own method of allowing users to manage their files. I think it's excellent - I just haven't had time to fully explore it's usefulness yet. I'd be interested to hear what you make of it. I guess it should be possible to write something to add that functionality into the Uploader section of the control panel? That's not a bridge I've needed to cross - I just use FTP access to occasionally go in and rake out the ashes from my file system.
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