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Require registration to post comment
  • Is there any way to set up Flatpress so that a guest cannot post a comment until they have been registered with the blog owner?
  • Not "as built". I've been working on a site membership scheme so you can implement your own solution to allow site membership - then introduce a bit of PHP into your sharedtpls/comments.tpl (which is the one with the comments form in) to only show the comments form if a user is logged in. You can use {php}code snippet{/php} to add php code to tpl files. If you want to completely hide comments (and the link to the comments form) unless a user is logged in then you could look at editing your theme's entry-default.tpl, and wrap some conditional code around the comments link. My own site membership is implemented using MySQL and involved a lot of tweaks to get it to work smoothly, so I can't really offer you any help on that front - but you can look around and find some more simple solutions. Here's a flatfile one you could play around with. Just be wary about where you store your list of users - better if you move this outside of your web root rather than leave it where it is by default. I'm straying waaay too far off the FlatPress track here but, if you do try that one out, then you can address that little issue by editing the path to your password file ($pfile) in common.php. Good luck - it's worth persevering with this because it opens up a few doorways to allow you to see FlatPress more as a tried, tested, versatile, expandable, and stable framework (which is well supported by a jolly good bunch of people!) for achieving things which you might otherwise have spent weeks and months coding and testing yourself. Just don't break your blog - stick to editing your template files, back each and every one up before you make a change, and test every single change you make before moving on. And (obviously) don't try any of this on a live web site!
  • You might consider adding disqus ( http://disqus.com/ ) or a similar service to your blog. You can disable FlatPress native comments by default with a plugin ( http://www.flatpress.org/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=424#Item_4 )
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