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New spam on the wiki
  • There’s four spam entries again, from four different nicks. I thought I will leave them there for now, maybe you want to study them and fine-tune that plugin.
  • Well, there was no reply for that, and now a massive amount of spam has arrived. I’m sorry, but I simply don’t have the time to fight with it.
  • Yes, it's quite a big job. I used the Revert Manager to delete quite a bit of it. I actually think it's pointless banning the users because they're just generated by a program.

    The Revert Manager is pretty good but it's difficult to catch everything with it.

    I suspect that this is all a new wave of spam which gets past Bad Behaviour, so maybe it'll stop when BB gets updated? (however that works - I'm not really familiar with it - I mean whether it gets updated automatically or NWM needs to download an update).

  • I think that you should allow user to modify only some existent pages.
    If they want to collaborate they should write here in the forum or send you a PM.
    Maybe set that registered users can modify only plugin and themes pages and that the other pages can be modified only by validated group (use @groupname in DokuWiki).
    When an user ask you to be allowed to modify, you set the user in the validated group.
  • Thanks but we don't have such permissions. Maybe @NoWhereMan could take a look at it? There's a real flood of spam hitting the wiki now.
  • Can't you modify ACL?
  • Users don't have CREATE permissions on the toplevel namespace, but only on subnamespaces (es. de:* but not in *). Since it appears spammer usually are creating spam pages on the top level, this should help. I have updated the banned wordlist with a huge list of disallowed words. Users can upload only on the theme page.
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