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How to prevent spam on this forum ??
  • Hi all, in these few day spam has invaded this forum, and is ugly that people who want to approach to Flatpress, see that forum is almost full of spam. So, any idea how to prevent this problem in some way ? Better 2 news of spam, than 10-20.
  • Hi,
    I was thinking that new users should be able to publish their first discussion/comment in a "presentation" area, first of all. This should block some spammers.

    Then we should limit their permission to create a discussion to one per day for the first days/week: it should be enough for them. Otherwise if it isn't they could ask the administrator for immediately grant them these permissions. However this applies just to creation of discussions, not to answer to existing ones.
    Therefore administrators/moderators could easily block them before they create lots of news.

    Another good idea could be blocking links for new users for the first days.

    As modertator I've seen that more users register with the same IP... I think that blocking registration from an IP for some time is good too...

    Another thing is that there are more than 7800 users! But 2300 of them are just applicant, so they signed up but they haven't never posted anything...

    @NoWhereMan : are you using Akismet and stopforumspam.com?
  • I noticed the spam quite a lot lately. I'm not posting often but I keep an eye on the forum for new stuff a few times daily. 

    Some forums make it so that the new members have their posts moderated until they reach a X post count. Once they have enough posts, they're free as we are here and now. Some set that limit to 1, 5, or 10, etc. I don't know if Vanilla 2 can do such a thing though. 

    Spammers won't bother posting X legit posts in order to get to actually post their crap. That's a sure thing. 
  • New users now are 'applicants'. it means that moderators must approve their membership. Until then, they can only post inside the 'Introductions' category.

    (@pierovdfn yes, unfortunately)

  • Good idea about introductions !!
  • Excellent.
    I have applicants tab now :-)
    I removed about 2200 old applicants with Stop Forum Spam... Only 45 weren't positive... but 5 of them had trash mail or mail like "make money....".

    I think that we should remove applicants after some time, for example a week, a month... If they haven't stil done the activation in this time why would they do it later?
  • A bit late for the discussion, but I'm not here every day exactly.

    Good that you have found out about Stop Forum Spam, that will help you a lot.
    You could also look into ZB Block, a GPL-licensed php software aimed to protect forums from bad bots, hack attempts and a lot of other nastities. Just a thought for helping you guys out with keeping the forum clean.

    Introductions are nice anyway, so we get to know each other a bit ;)
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