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2 in the titel after editing an entry
  • I use Pretty URLs RewriteURL and if I edit an entry, the title gets a 2 at the end like

    after editing

    If I delete the -2 the link still works, is there a way to prevent that?
  • that's strange. Are you using vanilla PrettyURLs? That sounds like the behavior of a custom version.
  • My bad, I meant RewriteURL... sorry^^
  • Hi, have you tried to clean the cache?
    What is your version of PHP?
    Are you using drafts?
    What version of the plugin are you using?
    What plugins are you using? Maybe there are some incompatibilities that I don't know...
  • Yep, no change.
    I have to check on the php version, at the moment I can't create the phpinfo file because I make a backup of all files :)
    Yes, I use drafts.
    I use the 2.3.5 Version of the plugin.

    Other Plugins I use:

    Anti Brute Force
    Categories Graphical Editor
    Download Counter
    Last Comments Admin
    Media Manager
    Rewrite URLs
    SEO Meta Tag Info
    Video Player Flv
    Widget Fixer

  • Well, I'm going to make some other tests but I can't replay the bug...
    If I still can't I'll try the plugins.

    EDIT: I confirm the bug, it is related to drafts.
    Thank you for your reporting.

    2.3.5 hasn't been officially released, yet,
    I was waiting for some testers about strange characters. However I'll fix this strange behavior and then publish as 2.3.5.

    EDIT 2: Seems it's fixed. Please check it now: rewriteurls_v2.3.5.tar.gz. If it is ok I publish it.
  • Thank you for your help but the linke dosen't work :)
  • Changed.
    Now it should work :-)
  • No changes for me :(
  • Ah yes, I forgot to write that you have to manually modify content/YY/MM/entryYYMM...../rewriteurls.txt and then purge cache.

    This is a feature: if a link must be permanent, if you delete the entry with no numbers, then the entry with numbers will continue having numbers.

    So, you'll have to edit the file or delete all rewriteurls.txt and purge the cache so all links will be made again.

    Sorry for the bug.
  • No changes for me, if I edit an entry the 2 gets added to it... and if I edit an entry, the view_counter.txt gets deleted
  • Hi, it sounds as an old bug.
    What version of Flatpress are you using? It seems you are using a new one but there is an old version number.
    VIew_counter isn't deleted, it's just on the dreafts directory, with old comments.

    Could it be otherwise that you modified the REWRITEURLS_DRAFT constant?
    It must be true in all Flatpress versions from 0.1010... Maybe you have the code of FP 1.0 marked as FP 0.909 for example, this would explain the bug...

    I've tried all possible combinations with draft on my site but everything is ok...
  • I use Flatpress Version 1.0. I use RerwiteURLs 2.3.6

    I didn't modifie the rewriteurls_draft:

    here is my plugin: http://pastebin.com/W893EJwS
  • What about your drafts directory? Is there any directory without its txt file?
  • After I edit an antry, the comments and views can be found in the drafts directory.
  • Well, please move them into the correct directory and then try to edit the entry again.
    It could be that because of this old problem you are now occouring problems.

    If you confirm the bug I'll have to check the plugin again.
    However I'm going to rewrite the plugin again (soon or later), and this time no files, unless the user wants to.
  • I deleted the entrys in the drafts directory. The problem still occurs: After editing an entry the viewcounter.txt file and the entry folder (e.g. entry-130820-123456) gets moved to the drafts folder and there is a 2 in the title.
  • Well, I won't fix this bug.
    I won't fix RewriteURLs 2.x anymore.
    I will write again RewriteURLs, I had some ideas... However there won't be text files anymore... They will be there only if the user wanted to.
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