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thumbnail maybe has some problems ...
  • Hello,
    on my blog last entry i have added 4 images ... if you dont scale they show up fine ... but these images are 1200px and i prefer use the code: " pup=true scale=30% " as i result i should have a smaller image and if i want to see the larger picture i should click on it and see the full size image ... 
    but it doesnt produce the thumbnail properly, actually only the last one is produced and showed properly ...
    many thanks for your advices

  • Hello,
    this is the code i have input ... is there anything wrong with the code ?

    [img=images/spirit_colored.jpg ]

    [img=images/strawberries_after_infusion.jpg ]

    [img=images/glucosio_reduced.jpg ]


    [img=images/spirit_colored.jpg popup=true scale=30% title='a' ]

    [img=images/strawberries_after_infusion.jpg  popup=true scale=30% title='b' ]

    [img=images/glucosio_reduced.jpg popup=true scale=30% title='c' ]

    [img=images/bottles_fragocello.jpg popup=true scale=30% title='d' ]    
  • feeling strange because the last thumbnail of the 4 came out properly

  • still can not figure out why 3 thumbnails didnt come out and 1 thumbnail worked properly
    many thanks for your suggestions
  • Hi, please make sure you are removing thumbnails if you are encountering problems.
    They are stored in the sub directory .thumbs of the images directory.

    Maybe an error occurred during the creation and then they haven't been recreated.
  • Hi pierovdfn,
    thanks for your reply
    i went inside the webfolder " /fp-content/images/thumbs " and i have deleted the created thumbnails
    now my question is what trigger the creation of thumbnails?
    if i simply upload an image and i simply call it from the online editor, no thumbnail will be created
  • sorry for adding ...
    i did deleted he thumbnails with FTP
    but as soon as i click refresh they are automatically re-created
    (and unfortunately the first 3 thumbnails are black and the 4th is right)
  • Hi, thumbs creation is requested by BBCode plugin (it uses a hook which is handled by Thumbnails plugin).
    So when you load a page which has thumbs the plugin check if they exist and if they are newer than the image. If these conditions are satisfied it changes the URL of the image to the URL of the image, otherwise it creates the thumbs and sends the URLs to BBCode plugin.

    Actually I can't understand what problem you have. Thumbs seem ok to me.
    Did you create the thumbs manually?
  • Hi pierovdfn,

    thanks for your email ...

    1. if i add an image into a post there will not be created a thumbnail, i suppose the thumbnail will be automatically created if i add some attributes such as scale or width ... is that right?
    2. as for my thumbnails, i still dont know what was exactly the problem, it render as a black boxes, but after your post i tried with IE and it was displaying fine ... maybe a little problem with Chrome ... strange because i have not experienced it before ... however this post has been fixed :-)

    many thanks indeed

  • Hi, I haven't sent you any email :-)
    Did you mean reply?

    1. Yes, it is created only if you specify special parameters, I believe only scale, but I should check.
    2. I don't know the problem of black boxes but it's all ok to me (Chromium in Debian GNU/Linux).

    Anyway, you are welcome.
  • Hi Piero,

    thanks for your reply :-)

    1. it will be nice to know if thumbs are created only with "scale" or also with "width" and "popup", etc ...
    2. i dont know why but it kept rendering a black square, the correct size of the thumbnail, but all black, they were 4 next each other and the first 3 had problems and the last was always right ... i also have noticed that in IE was fine, only in Chrome i had such problem ... however it is ok now


  • As plugin BBCode tells us:
    1. the thumbnail is used when the image is local and the output height isn't equal to the original one
    2. the height attribute is computed if not present and width only is specified; viceversa for width
    3. scale attribute overrides explicit width and height
    4. when the output height is smaller than the original height, the popup is automatically added, but images are never scaled because of the popup.
    5. the "standard" popup (not lightbox) sizes are the image ones or, if they are unknown, by default 800x600
    6. Other attributes are float, alt and title. If title and alt aren't specified they are parsed from image metadata (JPEG only, IPTC data #205 for title and if #120 is specified it is used for alt, otherwise the same of title is used)
    These should be all the information you need to know :-)
    I don't know if the English in which I've written them is very ok, but please forgive me otherwise ;-)

    P. S.: if you want to automatically scale images to the width of the container you should do it in Javascript, therefore you can know the precise size. However it will apply only locally (so there is data download) and only if javascript is enabled.
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