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(Solved) Can't set home page in FlatPress 1.0 and up
  • I've just tried to change the home page to start up with the About static page showing in v1.0.3 but it just keeps showing the blog.

    I tried all the usual tricks (purging theme/templates cache, trying another theme, accessing the site from another computer entirely) but it seems to be real.

    Edit - I also checked on a v.1.0 and a v1.0.2 blog, and the same thing occurred. It works perfectly on a v0.1010.2 blog I still have

    Can anyone change the home page in any version 1.x?

  • Ahhh... I get it now.

    If you have the FrontPage plugin enabled then that forces you to have your blog entries showing as the startpage, no matter what you set it to in the admin panel.

    I usually use that to hide any entries posted under a category called "Archive", but that's not needed in this case so I've simply disabled that plugin.

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