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Flatpress autopost script
  • I've been working on a script that takes a flat file with a list of parameters, formats it into Flatpress' data style, and inserts it into the locally hosted blog. It's in a state of "I think this works for the most part, be careful with it" right now. http://pastebin.com/0zw7dxiW It relies on the rebuild index script from this forum post: http://flatpress.org/vanilla2/discussion/839/rebuild-index-from-command-line/p1 It should be run as your webserver user (apache, www-data, etc.) otherwise it will mess up your database and indexes. If that happens you'll need to delete the stuff in cache and reset all the permissions in fp-content.
  • Interesting - I once did one to post draft entries and used a hacked version of the contact form to post them. I did this to allow multiple users to post to the same blog but only as drafts so I could check them before publishing them.

    How do you create the entries for this? I ask because I suppose there are a number of ways you could create the entries - even from a VBA script or from another (custom) form, which is where I'm coming from because I've always thought that FP could be used to log every time someone runs a script, and record what they did, etc.

    For instance I review technical drawings and send them for revision and it would be great to use FP as a kind of document control system.

    I recently made a membership application form based on the FP contact.php blends in perfectly with my site and it works just great, so I'm now thinking what other uses I can put this newly found ability to.
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