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  • Now here I am on the help page being asked to introduce myself again. This is worse than being at a party!
  • Well, here we go again - introducing myself for the fifth or sixth time. Hope you let me in this time! My name is John. I live in British Columbia Canada. Have been using Flat Press for past six years with no problems. Now updating to latest version. I really like the idea of using a flat file data base for small to medium applications - easier when changing software version and hosts, more secure, less prone to errors, etc.

  • Hello,
    my name is Bogdan, I would like to use FlatPress as a place for my blog.

  • Welcome! Let us know if we can be of any help. 
  • John582 said:

    Now here I am on the help page being asked to introduce myself again. This is worse than being at a party!

    The intro notice is always there. 

    Have you tried posting somewhere else in the forum? You should be able to. 
  • Marc said:

    Welcome! Let us know if we can be of any help. 

    it is not quite clear to me, how can I start a new topic  ? My problem doesn't belong to the threat "Introduce yourself" .

  • Hi,
    in details of my account I still see:
    Roles:  Pending-Approval

    is it mean that I am still waitng for a membership ? Any idea when it could be change ?


  • There might be some issue with your account. I can't help you though, as I'm a regular member. 
  • Hi,
    bogdan said:

    in details of my account I still see:
    Roles:  Pending-Approval

    is it mean that I am still waitng for a membership ? Any idea when it could be change ?


    Marc said:

    There might be some issue with your account. I can't help you though, as I'm a regular member. 

    ok, then let me go directly to my trouble. Hope, someone can help.
    I would like to use in my notes mathematical notations. So, I added to my installation of FlatPress MathJax package.
    However, right now I am stuck with "\" symbol which is more than necessary in writing of mathematical formulas in Tex.
    The sign "\" disappears during "preview" or "save" action and as a result all my notes are not readable.
    Duplicated version "\\" also doesn't work.
    There is my example, just one of the Maxwell's equations.
    Requested form in the blog:
     \nabla \times \vec{\mathbf{B}} -, \frac1c\, \frac{\partial\vec{\mathbf{E}}}{\partial t} & = \frac{4\pi}{c}\vec{\mathbf{j}}

    The form in my editorial text above after pressing "Save & Continue" or "Preview":
     nabla times vec{mathbf{B}} -, frac1c, frac{partialvec{mathbf{E}}}{partial t} & = frac{4pi}{c}vec{mathbf{j}}

    so, all "\" are gone.
    Any idea how to introduce "\" in my write-up ?

    Sorry for a not quite correct place of my message.
    Thanks for any hint,


    Unfortunately,, I cannot use another threads. Therefore, let me write a link to solution of my trouble with math expressions. Detailed solution one can find on:

    Kind Regards,


  • I already introduced myself at least once. This continual sending of the confirmation email and request to introduce oneself suggests something may be wrong with this interface!
  • <?php
    	define('STATIC_DIR', CONTENT_DIR . 'static/');
    	class static_indexer extends fs_filelister {
    		var $_directory = STATIC_DIR;
    		function _checkfile($directory, $file) {
    			array_push($this->_list, basename($file,EXT));
    			return 0;
    	function static_getlist() {
    		$obj = new static_indexer;
    		$list = $obj->getList();
    		return $list;
    	function static_parse($id) {
    		if (!static_isvalid($id)) return false;
    		if ($fname=static_exists($id)) {
    			$entry = io_load_file($fname);
    			return (utils_kexplode($entry));
    		return array();
    	function static_isvalid($id) {
    		return preg_match('![^./\\\\]+!', $id);
    	function static_save($entry, $id, $oldid=null) {
    		if (!static_isvalid($id)) return false;
    		$fname = STATIC_DIR . $id . EXT;
    		$entry['content'] = apply_filters('content_save_pre', $entry['content']);
    		$entry['subject'] = apply_filters('title_save_pre', $entry['subject']);
    		$str = utils_kimplode($entry);
    		if (io_write_file($fname, $str)) {
    			if ( $oldid && $id!=$oldid && $fname = static_exists($oldid)) {
    				$succ = static_delete($oldid) ;
    				return ($succ !== false && $succ !== 2);
    			return true;
    		return false;
    	function static_exists($id) {
    		if (!static_isvalid($id)) return false;
    		$fname = STATIC_DIR . $id . EXT;
    		if (file_exists($fname))
    			return $fname;
    		return false;
    	function static_delete($id) {
    		if (!static_isvalid($id)) return false;
    		return fs_delete(STATIC_DIR . $id . EXT);
    	function smarty_block_statics($params, $content, &$smarty, &$repeat) {
    		global $fpdb;
    		$show = false;
    		if (isset($params['alwaysshow']) && $params['alwaysshow']) {
    			return $content;
    		return $content;
    	function smarty_block_static($params, $content, &$smarty, &$repeat) {
    		global $fpdb;
    		static $pointer = 0;
    		// clean old variables
    		$smarty->assign(array(	'subject'=>'',
    		if ($arr=$smarty->get_template_vars('static_page')){
    			$smarty->assign('id', $smarty->get_template_vars('static_id'));
    			return $content;
    		if (isset($params['content']) && is_array($params['content']) && $params['content']) {
    			//foreach ($params['entry'] as $k => $val)
    			return $content;
    		if (isset($params['alwaysshow']) && $params['alwaysshow']) {
    			return $content;
    		$list = $smarty->get_template_vars('statics');
    		if(isset($list[$pointer])) {
    			//foreach ($entry as $k => $val)
    			$smarty->assign('id', $list[$pointer]);
    			$repeat = true;
    		} else {
    			$repeat = false;
    		return $content;
    	$_FP_SMARTY->register_block('statics', 'smarty_block_statics');
    	$_FP_SMARTY->register_block('static_block', 'smarty_block_statics');
    	$_FP_SMARTY->register_block('static', 'smarty_block_static');

  • It feels really great to participate here.

    Asher ross
  • Hello.  I am here to learn.  I like what Flatpress is very impressive. 
  • John582 said:

    I already introduced myself at least once. This continual sending of the confirmation email and request to introduce oneself suggests something may be wrong with this interface!

    I have what I believe is a similar problem.  I clicked the email link and I keep getting the follow message appearing on my screen - 
    You need to confirm your email address. Click here to resend the confirmation email.
  • Hi, My search in finding WordPress alternative without database led me here. Already made a draft site with Flatpress and I love it. Cheers, Abuhayyan
  • Hi,

    My search in finding WordPress alternative without database led me here. Already made a draft site with Flatpress and I love it.

  • abuhayyan said:


    My search in finding WordPress alternative without database led me here. Already made a draft site with Flatpress and I love it.


    Welcome aboard! :)
  • Hello, my name is Zbra Julia and come from Japan. Right now work on my graduate paper in US.

    P.S I already confirmed my email. Why it keeps asking to confirm my email. it's weird
  • Hi, my name is Bryan. I've installed Flatpress on a Raspberry Pi for internal, personal use. All went well except for a few modifications I made to allow the site to be served on my HTTPS-only system.

    I'd like to find a way to post output from internal processes on the blog, from BASH or other command-line method, if anyone has done that. I have not investigated it yet, but figured I would ask first.
  • hi guys, i am longtime member enjoy!
  • A little problem guys... I have cange my email and the old one no longer exists. But i can't cange it in control panel... :-(
  • Hey I'm tdrusk
  • Same issue here...
  • you should be all members now
  • Thanks!
  • Hello everyone.. I am new here.
  • Hi! I am JoLynn and new to Flatpress and came here to learn it better! I am having an issue I hope someone can clue me in what I am doing incorrectly so I can fix it. 
  • I already commented on the discussion - how do I get the option to ask a question in the help section? 
  • Hello everyone.. I am new here.I like  music and travel,thanks
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  • Hi Newbie here, My name is Rich and have just started out on flatpress, so far It rocks !
  • hi, im espaulette, im 25 and im a french worker
  • hi, im espaulette, im 25 and im a french worker

  • Well, I'm here.  Had a site with Wordpress and am fed up with my provider not being able to talk to the DB instance they provide.  Flat press is looking cool to me with the flat files for posts - very cool idea!
  • I'm using flatpress on lijie.info
  • my php version is 5.4.45 and flatpress version is 1.0.3 I got a message when open main page: Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /****/public_html/flat/fp-includes/smarty/plugins/function.list_categories.php on line 35 original code was: 31 if (file_exists(CONTENT_DIR . 'categories.txt')) { 32 $cats = trim(io_load_file(CONTENT_DIR . 'categories.txt')); 33 $stack=array(0); 34 $arr=array(); 35 return '
      '.do_print_categories_list(explode("\n", $cats), $stack, $arr, $cat_params).'
    '; 36 } else { 37 global $lang; 38 39 $content = 'Unfiled'; 40 if (isset($lang['admin']['entry']['publish']['nocategories'])) 41 $content = $lang['admin']['entry']['publish']['nocategories']; 42 return '
    • ' . $content .'
    ' ; 43 } after changed: 31 if (file_exists(CONTENT_DIR . 'categories.txt')) { 32 $cats = trim(io_load_file(CONTENT_DIR . 'categories.txt')); 33 $stack=array(0); 34 $arr=array(); 35 $some_result=explode("\n", $cats); 36 return '
      '.do_print_categories_list($some_result, $stack, $arr, $cat_params).'
    '; 37 } else { 38 global $lang; 39 40 $content = 'Unfiled'; 41 if (isset($lang['admin']['entry']['publish']['nocategories'])) 42 $content = $lang['admin']['entry']['publish']['nocategories']; 43 return '
    • ' . $content .'
    ' ; 44 }
  • Good evening.

    I'm glad to be here - and glad I've found this great script. I'm basically a researcher, with the passion for programming.

    Cheers to everyone,

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    Up Next: The Chicago Cubs

    These lists do not include all of the talented prospects in each system only a snap shot. Some players happen to be overlooked since i have covered them recently and not much has changed (You are able to connect to the older posts from each players FanGraphs page) or I am planning a separate post on them within the very close to future.

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  • PokemonGo Add Free Pokecoins Hack & Cheats

  • Hello .... Bynw here .... real and live

    I've confirmed my email but still getting a confirm my email message here on the forum and cannot post anywhere else.
  • Since I cant post anywhere else for technical support. I will post here. Something is broken with this forum registration process, but that is something for another time. 

    On Flatpress. I have a new install to try it out. I've changed to the Modern theme style since it looks better than the other 2. But whenever you login to the blog or logout there is an option to return to the index which is the index.php file but it always returns a 404 error for that page. How do we get that fixed? It should just bring us to whatever the blog is set for the home page.

    Edit:  Even changing the start page to a new static page results in the same 404 error. This does seem to only happen to the site owner (the person with the login abilities) normal site visitors do not encounter this error.
  • Hi,  I am new to flatpress :-)
    I translate flatpress to czech lang on web flatpress.cz
  • Hey,

    I am using flatpress since Jan 2009!
    An awesome project !
  • I've been using Flatpress for 8 years now, now with thousands of entries and images. I wonder if there will be progress towards PHP7 compatibility as my provider (supposedly the same one as Laborix') wants me to use that - or pay for using older PHP versions. 
  • Hi, I am using flatpress.
  • Wow,
    I feel like big shot introducing myself here. Anywho...


    Thirty something unix junkie, enjoys the outdoors. Permanently stuck in college. Has two dogs and a pecan farm.

    Intention for writing:

    First: I first noticed that some person had managed to access flatpress wiki and changed one of the main articles (something with setup) to a advertisement for oral surgery. Which I know can't be right.

    Second, I want to give flatpress a try and I am running Hiawatha. I have not seen anything listed under the documentation stating that I might need to use the rewrite module. So, I am assuming that this would be a "straight service" (meaning no symbolic links or rewrites). But for now all I am getting is a blank page.

    I could not find any information on server configuration. So, I am a littel lost.
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