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Request for help after upgrade+move
  • Hi I have tried to upgrade to FP .1010 and move my installation from the domain.com/flatpress directory to the root directory at the same time. (Stupid idea I know) If I access domain.com I get a 404 error from my hosting provider, if I access domain.com/index.php, the front page loads correctly but none of the internal links work. The procedure I followed was to rename the old flatpress directory, then copy the contents of the archive file to the root directory of the server. I then copied across the plugins and theme and then the fp-content directory Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong and how to fix it ? Thanks Steve (actual domain is newcheese.eu)
  • You have a temporary (302) redirection in action that takes every request for the top level to the /flatpress/ directory. Have a look at your htaccess file in the web root or whatever measure you have put the redirection in place with. When you're done, check that you have updated your flatpress blog's www setting in the control panel.
  • I suppose you just have to recreate the .htaccess in your flatpress root. Just delete it and then go to the PrettyURLs panel again and hit "save"
  • Thanks, that sorted it. I thought the .htaccess file was just there to force PHP5 but it had a redirect as well. Thank you again
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