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I share a theme 2
  • I modified fpskeleton-theme for a blog of my own and I wanna share it with you, colour scheme only has been changed



  • Nice theme.

    You know what you should do? You should create a "Terminal" style that would make your blog look like an old text-only terminal console. Just change the font and colors a bit, and it would be pretty neat. I used to look for one last year but wasn't able to find any. I didn't find any other style that was close enough to build it out of it either, until now.

    I may look around if it's possible to make a terminal style out of yours. Let me know if you are interested to explore the idea. :)
  • Do you mean something like this?  http://brokestream.com/com-screenshot.png
    If you need an old terminal style i would change fonts and the font size of post title.
    let me know which colour scheme you prefer and other details so I will make a try.
  • Yeah, that's an example of a console that could apply to a style. I'd simply add color to it, like the following:

    Here is the theme I had in mind when posting my previous message:

    It's a Drupal theme, by the way, but I believe it perfectly captures what a console styled blog should feel like. The only I don't like though, is the divisions between the different content blocks of the page, they are too close one to another. Your current style doesn't have that issue, so I don't see it becoming a problem if you start from there.

    Hope this helps. :) Cheers!
  • Here is a first try
    in the next few days I will have a little time to work on this theme.
    in the meantime you can give me your thoughts
  • I somehow forgot about this thread.

    That's a pretty neat terminal theme you have done here. :)

    How hard would it be to add a logo?
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