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Contact Page Styling?
  • I'd like to be able to style the contact page slightly but am not sure which file(s) to change for the following:

    1. Add a (*) by the Email field so people know it's mandatory to fill it out.
    2. Break the spam question so that the equation question is on the line below - it wraps and looks untidy here: http://www.a-version.co.uk/contact.php

    Thanks for any help.
  • look at /fp-interface/sharedtpls/contact.tpl for the html template
  • Thanks, but I'm not sure how I would change either of the points in the original post in this file?

    Where do I add the (*) to the Email field title using this?

  • ...OK, so the field titles can be changed by editing /fp-interface/lang/en-us/lang.contact.php

    Where can I change the wording of the spam / equation message?
  • OK, answered my own question...

    Wording for the spam message is held here: /fp-plugins/accessibleantispam/lang/lang.en-us.php
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