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More Themes for Flatpress ?
  • I believe that Flatpress is a good blogging engine (I use it for my 2 websites), but it misses of something that others softwares can have, that is, more themes.
    Absolutely, I'm not a programmer, but is possible to have more themes for flatpress ? Almost like Drupal or Joomla.
    Second, on http://wiki.flatpress.org/res:themes is possible to reorganize the page, some link doesn't work and I believe that all themes should stay on flatpress server and not on other websites.
    This is only my impression.
  • Hi,
    I think you know that Flatpress can works with all themes you can find in the web and there are a lot of beautiful themes. The only problem is that porting them to FP is boring.
    I've already done this work for some themes and it took me some times, at least 1-2 hours.
    I haven't time for my projects so I wouldn't personally do the work. However if somebody is interested and ports some themes, then he or she could share on the wiki.

    For the second... Well, reorganizing is a huge work.
    Flatpress is an open source project written by NoWhereMan, but the wiki can be modified by the community.
    You have been here on the forum for a lot of time, you registered before me, so you know that there are few users that are always active.
    We (active users) should do it, however as above, I've not time.
    However if somebody wants to do it, I agree.
    The same if he want's to do with plugins.
    We could do something like DokuWiki (sort by category etc etc).
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